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     Prodigy Fabricare Systems is a regionally recognized leader in restoration dry cleaning and laundry services. We offer a quick response to homeowner needs after they have suffered a catastrophic fire or water damage event. We utilize the latest state of the art procedures to clean and deodorize these affected garments and household items in the most modern ozone chambers in Ohio.
      Being a family-owned and operated business, we’re able to offer you that personal touch needed in a time like this and being family-owned we are smaller than many of our competitors and therefore, significantly more agile. This translates into quicker responses to our customer’s changing needs.   
     Peace of mind can also be had in knowing that the restoration and cleaning of your clothing falls under the content portion of your policy so there is no out of pocket expense other than your deductible you most likely have already paid. 
     Since our establishment 1991 we have helped hundreds of homeowners who have experienced damaged clothing and other related items from fire, water, storm or many other calamities in their home. This gives us nearly a decade more of experience at dealing with situations such as yours than many of our largest competitors.
      Restoration Contractors and Insurance Adjusters have relied on Prodigy Fabricare Systems to restore clothing and household items cherished by families that have suffered a loss in their home for years. We have a success rate that hovers near 98% and offer the guarantee that if we can’t restore an item; neither you the homeowner, nor your Insurance Company will pay for cleaning that item. Our process helps hold down the cost of a disaster as our charges typically average only 16% of replacement cost. This saves you and your family time and allows more insurance coverage dollars to go toward rebuilding your home and replacing more seriously damaged contents.
     We work with all Insurance Companies and the highest ranked Professional Restoration Contractors that serve NW Ohio and SE Michigan with Fire and Water Restoration. As the property owner, you have all the right to select the most qualified contractors specializing in every phase of your restoration, not your insurance company!  When you make the decision on the restoration of your clothing and other soft goods, please ask your adjuster to allow you to bring in the best to work alongside your Restoration Contractor and that would be Prodigy Fabricare Systems.
Our goal is to make all of our customers happy, and we believe in treating each customer like a part of our family.
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